Top Aces Successfully Completes Joint Terminal Attack Controller Training for the German Army
News, Montreal, July 11, 2016

Mesa, AZ – July 11, 2016 –Top Aces Corp. (“Top Aces”), a U.S. leader in high-performance contracted air services, recently completed German Army Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training support. Top Aces TA-4J Skyhawks flew multiple sorties and successfully completed all scheduled JTAC training events for German Army personnel on training ranges near Boise, Idaho.

“It was extremely rewarding for Top Aces to support our German allies and coalition partners in their JTAC training syllabus”, said David Philman, Vice President, Top Aces. “In coordination with the Idaho Air National Guard JTACs, we were able to assist the German Army controllers to gain greater confidence in their ability to control Close Air Support assets in the high-speed, high-stress environment of Type 1 control.”

“We do highly appreciate the training possibilities with Top Aces here in the U.S. The favourable range options, the weather and the airspace size allow for a realistic training under conditions similar to Afghanistan,” said First Lieutenant Andreas Stemler, JTAC Luftwaffe. “Flying the A-4, Top Aces provide us with outstanding Close Air Support in a realistic airframe.”

Directed by controllers, Top Aces’ highly-experienced pilots flew Close Air Support missions, simulating the delivery of munitions in close proximity to friendly forces. Training in such a demanding environment allowed the controllers to gain valuable experience in directing and controlling simulated Close Air Support and other offensive air operations with high-speed fighter aircraft.

Top Aces and its parent company Discovery Air Defence, have the world’s largest privately-held, operational fleet of contract air support aircraft. The training provided is tailored to support the operational readiness of both current and future generation fighter aircraft and warfighters.

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