Red Aces Team Down-Selected for ASDOT Competition
Archive, March 16, 2018

Montreal, March 16, 2018 – The Leonardo, Top Aces and Inzpire team, named Red Aces, has been down-selected by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to compete for a contract to meet the Air Support to Defence Operational Training (ASDOT) capability. Team Red Aces is creating an industry-leading solution to provide a safe, highly representative live air support service to the British Armed Forces and its allies. 

Within the Red Aces team, the three companies have combined their proven capabilities, expertise and unrivalled experience to provide a partnered, long-term, low-risk solution for the UK MOD. The Red Aces solution intends to meet the highest standards of airworthiness certification, ensuring the service provided is safe and reliable. 

Red Aces intends to offer training capabilities which far exceed those currently fielded within the UK live training environment. Red Aces will choose these capabilities to meet the evolving operational and technological needs of Defence Operational Training out to 2035 and beyond; this has the potential to provide essential support to future UK Air, Land and Maritime force elements as they train to defend the UK and its interests worldwide.

Leonardo is at the forefront of UK innovation in airborne systems and services and therefore an ideal partner for ASDOT. As well as delivering advanced technologies such as radars, sensors and electronic warfare systems to the British Armed Forces, the company partners with the UK Ministry of Defence to deliver contracts that often span multiple platforms, systems and services. With extensive experience in working with the RAF on their Typhoon and Tornado aircraft, providing advanced technology, training, services and support, Leonardo is well placed to understand the end user requirements for ASDOT and offer the best mix of simulation, networked and integrated training capabilities to train British combat jet pilots in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Inzpire is trusted by the RAF Air Warfare Centre, RAF Typhoon Force, and Air Battlespace Training Centre at RAF Waddington to design and deliver large-scale live and synthetic operational training. The company has one-of-a-kind experience in LVC (live, virtual, constructive) training research, development, and delivery in the UK. Inzpire’s pilots conduct live combat training with Typhoon for the Royal Air Force and for the British Army with Apache and Wildcat helicopter pilots on a daily basis. For ASDOT, as with their existing training delivery, Inzpire will act as “Red Lead” by producing, leading and executing the Aggressor plan.

Top Aces is the most experienced provider of turnkey tactical airborne training in the world. With more than 68,000 accident-free flight hours and Main Operating Bases across three continents, Top Aces is preparing to introduce the next generation of aggressor training using advanced 4th generation supersonic aggressor aircraft. Flown by highly experienced Fighter Weapons Instructor pilots, and equipped with advanced radar and electronic attack (EA) systems, as well as other advanced on-board systems, Top Aces will deliver the mission profiles, flexibility, and availability demanded by ASDOT.