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Top Aces Launches “Advanced Aggressor Mission System”

With a continuous focus on innovation, Top Aces is introducing advanced new capabilities that will raise the bar for the adversary air industry. Beginning in 2017, Top Aces has made significant investments in R&D to develop a proprietary Advanced Aggressor Mission System (AAMS) that allows our aircraft to simulate the highly advanced capabilities of modern-day opponents in air-to-air combat – all while prolonging customers’ fleet life and generating cost savings. 
Top Aces recently flight tested and certified our first A-4N Skyhawk equipped with the AAMS. The system features an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, helmet mounted display technology, data link communications between aircraft, as well as the ability to employ advanced electronic attack pods – in addition to many other capabilities. Being modular in nature, the AAMS can be easily adapted to the customer’s training requirements.
Earlier this year, we imported our first batch of F-16 fighters into the United-States in support of U.S. Air Force Adversary Air training in 2021. With plans to integrate the AAMS into the powerful legacy F-16 airframe, Top Aces will field the first high performance, threat-representative adversary capable of supporting the 5th generation war fighter.
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